Newsletter - Quarter 2, 2019

Welcome to this first edition of Sterling Financial Report, we hope you find this information useful and that we continue to be a resource for you and your family. 

With the first half of 2019 coming to a close, financial markets have rebounded significantly from the poor showing in 2018, and the especially difficult 4th (Q) of 2018 that many experienced.  While Sterling Financial Group has focused on long-term results when making asset allocation and investment strategy decisions, and our investment choices reflect that outlook as a priority, we are not immune from the news distraction and market declines that occasionally occur.  When experiencing volatility, most investors are very pleased to participate in the upside swings, but at times may be extremely anxious over downside volatility, which in reality is a fairly normal pattern and should not be feared.  What volatility should we expect in stocks, and what is normal?  Below we try and examine some of the facts and point to an example that hopefully illustrates the long-term nature of how companies have grown. 

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